It would be wonderful. I can’t seem to find it either. I finally got it off but now I can’t even load up another route. Hi, I put two correctly formatted itf files in the correct folder, restarted the app, routes show up in app favourites… But tapping on a route freezes the app briefly and then it shuts down. There is other easy way. Runterzuladen hier: ... Auch ist es möglich eigene POI-Kategorien als CSV, KML oder GPX-Datei zu importieren! Launch Sygic on your iPhone/iPad. Basically, I would love to be able to create a tailored route on the map, import it into sygic and have sygic give me navigation directions based on the route I created. We did a 3000 km off the beaten track route in the Southern parts of South Africa over very many passes. I’ve heard once that over 50, Sygic crashes very often. Hi, I have Sygic 15.08. Hey, this is simply a GREAT info. Select Sygic GPS Navigation 13 as Export file format, choose Export and your gps route file has been created! (Only last year I was still using Sygic 11.). I have downloaded the converter 1.87M version and try with google maps. Garmin BaseCamp is one. Create own route on Sygic, copy it from dropbox. In that case you might have to use the format 11? Looks great, but in the latest Sygic version there is no longer a folder named Sygic/Res/itinerary… Can you help? I have converted and pasted the file into iterary folder as mentioned. -Forget trying converting web based maps via ITN. 6. I had a load of old routes in my \itinerary folder so I deleted them and put in some new ones. 10 years. Edit, import, export, convert your navigator favorites POI lists & categories is no more a pain. Copy .upi/.rupi and .bmp files directly /maps/import. Placed it in folder Res\itinerary which was not visible in Windows File Explorer but only within Android. RupiManager for Sygic™ GPS Navigator is designed to help managing, importing and exporting your favorites POI - PDI locations (Points of Interest). I have an extensive California road trip coming up soon and I have pre-planned all my routes/stops on Google Maps and now I have them transferred to Sygic. Direct GPX import. but I dont see any IMPORT ROUTE option. Sygic 15.3.10, routes were GPX converted with that program in 14-itx. I do not really have an idea what goes wrong. files directly into Sygic/maps/import. It’s pretty simple; The ‘how too example is completely wrong. Yes, correct. To be certain that it has restarted, I think restarting the device is the easiest way. Thanks very much. You can chose different map providers, for France Michelin is just far superior to all others – you see many more roads at a given zoom level than with gmaps. make sure you dont have an active route already programmed, if you have you cant see any of you fav’S. I have created and uploaded “test_route.itf” to Itinerary folder. Thanks Bruce, the path you shared did the trick! I have been trying to create routing for our MINI Cooper club events for years and not been successful till now. This means the itinerary is recalculated by Sygic making any “custom” direction planned in Google Maps (or similar planning website / software like Tyre) fruitless (think about a special panoramic route planned for motorcycle tourism, not necessarily the quieckest) Part of the crash report says sygic.aura or something like that. A wizard for import of custom POI will open after launch. Hello, It’s not just the url, you need to click the sprocket icon at the bottom and choose ‘Share or embed map’. POIbase steht hier zum Download bereit. 2. Hi, since you have sygic version 14.3, you need to convert to version Sygic 14 in itn convert. could you explain a little more specific how to get the routes into Sygic? Verbinden Sie Ihr … Built using Google Maps’ data, it’s free and has a free route building tool with export to Garmin/TomTom GPS function all included. Download RupiManager Free apk 2.23.737 for Android. Launch Sygic GPS navigation. Rupi Manager lets you import, export, convert Sygic Points of Interest (POIs) and manage them (list / add / remove) in the easy way. Sygic will automagically detect the new POIs and add them in. Go back to the map view, and then enter something in the “Search / Navigate to” field at the top. Part of the crash report says sygic.aura or something like that. Da der direkte Export von kurviger Routen zu Sygic leider (noch) nicht funktioniert, habe ich dafür ein kleines Excel-Tool erstellt.. Das Makro in der Excel-Datei konvertiert die von erstellten Touren im Format Navigon Mobile Navigator URL (.txt) in das Sygic URL Format.. Hi, Thank you for your thoughts. Launch Sygic GPS navigation. Guys, how can I upload GPX/KML files or any other to the Sygic application of my phone. And it’s not a problem linked to the above mentioned procedure, it also occurs when I try to do it manually directly within the application…. I can see how to move it up or down (press and hold the 3 horizontal bar icon and then move it) but can’t see how to delete it, Press and hold the route, then a trashcan appears in the top left corner. Then I save the route in MyRouteApp in tomtom-format (.itn), converted and copied it. My sygic version is 11.2.6 For me, with a Galaxy S3 the limit was somewhere around 30 waypoints. Uncheck the "Warn only if POI is on route" box, otherwise POI will not be visible when approaching. I believe Sygic can’t handle more than 40-50. Out of frustration I started to develop an android app wich converts kml and gpx files and starts sygic with the found waypoints. Always double check your path before you start your drive. A wizard for import of custom POI will open. They were still in the directory, but they were not visible in the Favourites list. Learn how your comment data is processed. I have sent you an email containing a screenshot of my Sygic with more than 5 waypoints. Sygic claim they are working with tighter integration with Google but nothing happens. I just have to use the Sygic naming convention of YYMMDD_HHMMSS. Where should I upload ? So do add enough waypoints! I tried itnconverter and it works ok. Check your email (the same account you used to mail the gpx file) using the iPhone’s native “Mail” application. Great info, by the way! Yes, I thought the itinerary file was missing, but it was because I was trying to do it on the SYGIC CAR NAVIGATION, it is meant to work on SYGIC GPS NAVIGATION. Very similar to that of the Android, hook up phone to computer or hook up SD card and copy to X:/Sygic/auramaps/import (where X is your SD card directory). What can I do? I just tested Sygic 15.0.9 on Android Lollipop. Launch Sygic GPS navigation. After installing, start the litlle utility ITN Convert, and paste your link in the Name field: A popup will ask if you want to interpret this link. Thanks for your help, Majt. Do not copy folders. Just the .itf file must be stored into a different folder (Apps/Sygic/Library/sygic/aurares/itinerary). Google geo products will import a GPX file but they only export KML. This means I can work on GPS files in GPX format, or several others with TYRE or another routing tool, convert them to ITF format using ITN CONVERT and place them in the dropbox folder for sygic and guess what, they show up in sygic on my iPad and iPhone. I was looking around my Samsung S5 Android ‘Device storage’ folders when I noticed the Sygic/Res/Itinary folder was empty after I’ve imported the route I’ve made with Google map. It does, I use version 14 too. I created a route named TestRoute from within Sygic. It stored an ITF file with a name containing the current date and time (150417_195012.itf). Thank you for this post, but unfortunately ITN converter is unable to parse the link from google maps. Did try all you mentioned here above but didn’t work for me. I stumbled across this looking for info transferring routes from Google Maps to my Garmin, and thought I’d give you the easy way! Es tut uns leid, dass wir Ihnen bei dieser App nicht mehr helfen können. Notice: Importing POIs via a .rupi file you create by yourself, is not currently possible onto the maps of the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom. I was able to create and load a route to my android phone that Sygic had thrown various error messages on when I tried to make the route on the phone itself. Hi All, Thank you very much. Im dortigen Ordner „import“ wählen Sie nun alle Dateien aus und fügen diese hinzu. Tap share then choose Google map coordinates. Thanks a lot for your works here. Jesper, I would like to help you with the app as a tester. I did like you said, saved the file with nav13-14 itf extension in my dropbox map. And thanks to Marian Holler (Product manager) from Sygic for posting information on their forum. I have Sygic GPS Navigation (free) 17.1.16 for android and I can’t find the option to import routes in the app. This file can’t be opened by ITN Converter. As I am a motorcycle driver myself, I often change my Sygic settings to shortest route instead of quickest, and make sure I add enough waypoints so that the route goes where I want it to go. Converted a GPX source file with ITN Converter as ITF version 14 format with arbitrary name. to see the imported files into the phone: Unfortunately after I paste the hyperlink to the name area it says “Unknown File Format”. Sie ermöglicht Benutzern die praktische Planung und Weitergabe ihrer Route auf einem Computer und das anschließende Senden an ihre Sygic GPS Navigation-App für die mobile Nutzung. However: You might need to restart Sygic after deleting the route. Unfortunately, when pasted the link to the maps it doesn’t work at all. Trusted by 2 … 27. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. /storage/extsdcard/android/data/com.sygic.aura/files/sygic/res/itinerary It was easy route, just start and end. At the bottem of the screen a row of buttons will appear. Thanks a lot. Do you know to import itf files into windows phone ? However, it is a bit complicated, especially if you do not have your laptop. A lot of fun but it was a blind drive as I could not figure out how to use my phone’s GPS. Offline topo maps specific to the route load for navigation. Rupi Manager lets you import, export, convert Sygic Points of Interest (POIs) and manage them (list / add / remove) in the easy way. Maybe try with a route that only has like 5 waypoints, to see if that is the problem? Does someone knows what to do? Sygic is a great android offline gps. If your Sygic is up to date, did you export the route in the following format: Sygic GPS Navigation 13?? Use 1. Sygic connects to Apps/Sygic Allregions/res/itinerary, where you place your ITF files. Does anyone have a idea how to create the richt file format for Sygic 15? Great guide, unfortunately the ITN converter isn’t supporting V14 of Sygic at the moment, none of the older versions work, Sygic just deletes them when I try to load the route. I to have trouble with the ITN import to Sygic mine just crashes at every attempt. Importing waypoints or tracks There are 3 methods supported for importing GPX files into MotionX-GPS and MotionX-GPS HD. Basically, I would love to be able to create a tailored route on the map, import it into sygic and have sygic give me navigation directions based on the route I created. 6. Required fields are marked *. POI Convertor. I didn’t hit the 5 waypoint limit on android. It’s just much easier to do it on your computer! I’m on version 14 and selected 13′, Your email address will not be published. If restarting the phone & updating Sygic doesn’t work, I would contact Sygic Support. I’ve simply copy pasted my solution. Scenic views, special curves and the fun of driving! 16.04.2016 #3 Ja, das normale Sygic geht schon ganz gut zum Mopedfahren, allerdings fehlt mir die Option für kurvenreiche Strecken. Hi, the limit really depends on the hardware specifications of your device. M. monstro Neues Mitglied. Sygic. Build your own day-by-day trip plan and sync it to Sygic mobile apps. The convertor supports ASCII, UTF8 and … I am facing the same issue. Öffne die Datei auf deinem Smartphone und klicke den Link an. Or you can export the selection to OV2, CVS, GPX, KML, RUPI or UPI. itf file appears on sygic in favourites thenSygic falls over. the project is resting due to Sygic changing their app resulting in unexpected behavior and the new Google map planning tool is a mess… I do not have time to keep up. A wizard for import of custom POI will open. Part of the crash report says sygic.aura or something like that. – rather than a route, only the waypoints are imported. A wizard for import of custom POI will open after launch. Hi Alan, I have tested what you did, and for me it works. I have placed the .itf file in the appropriate place – Sygic\Res\itinerary. Trying to delete a waypoint from that route resulted in an app crash. Thank you for an excellent (have i mentioned excellent ) tutorial. Für Android Benutzer gibt es jetzt eine Lösung auf dem Smartfone Touren im GPX Format zu importieren, zu … Record outdoor activities: designed for hiking Features Topographic map, waypoints, mileage, elevation, speed, time, moving average, breaks. There is no support whatsoever from both ITN and Sygic. Any ideas? NAVIGATE ANYWHERE, EVEN WITHOUT AN INTERNET CONNECTION If no, then which software for Android phone you will suggest that can do the task.